Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How SF will defeat Carolina

In conjunction with Josh Friedel and David Pruess, I have figured out a way to assure victory against the Carolina Cobras. In the last 2 years of the USCL, the mechanics have scored 8.5/9 when they have won board 4. This goes to show that board 4 is the key - When we win on 4, we win the match. Here is my plan of action: Just before the match starts IM Bhat and i will switch to each others computers. I will play a solid french defense and make it look like am vinay, and vinay will make random looking moves that somehow manage to confuse people into messing up. As a result we will lose on 1 and win on 4, but the win on 4 is all we need. David and John will therefore easily score at least 1.5/2. Special thanks to Josh and David for helping me come up with this idea, Carolina's cars will be working again after tonight.


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