Friday, September 29, 2006

Fixing Cars

a shout out to all the toolheads!
you all know it's true, but it bears repeating anyway: the mechanics are fixing cars again!!
i know a lot of people were probably disappointed last week, in the match with dallas, when we were only able to repair about half the cars that came in-- it definitely left me unfulfilled. but as the world could see this week, we got a new shipment of tools in, and the mechanics are back, and fixing cars like never before.
first off on board 1, we got our best game ever out of josh friedel. some people think he got caught up in the team's enthusiasm, between the shiny new tools, and donaldson's eyes, but i was sitting very close to him, and i know a little bit more about the situation. it seems he mouseslipped every single move, thus putting together a complete game. we're going to need a lot more mouseslips like this if we want to win the division, but i'm not without hope.
on board 2, vince moved to 2/2 with another f-pawn opening. wow, i can't really say much except that he's been pretty perfect so far this season. 100% score, and good looking games.
my game went fine as well. it was kind of a weird opening position, but after my opponent played 12...qa5? it seemed likely that white was going to win. and in fact, things went pretty smoothly.
and on board 4, it looks to me like the Tennessee player, Gerald Larson, played a good game (and won). so in a 4 board match, we had 4 tense and decently-played games. no blunders deciding this match.
now we'll have our first "monday night chess" match against big-time chess city, new york. well, it's no secret i really want to beat on new york. i'm not sure how good a team they are this season. last season they seemed extremely strong, and i hoped to face them in the league championship. this year, it looks like (if we make it) we'll get boston at that point, which makes this match a little less dramatic... but also our one chance in 2006 to beat on new york! come on, we can't miss out on that!
i predict san francisco over new york. no wait, i should see the lineups before making a prediction, so i'll hold off on that prediction.
so long folks, and be sure to tune in on monday, when the mechanics will be fixing new york cars!!!


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