Thursday, September 21, 2006

Match with Dallas

Hi folks. Dmitry's here. First of all Happy (Jewish) New Year to those who celebrate it!
Second, big thanks to Josh for saving my neck by winning his game with a super-amazing trick!

Now on to myself and Peter Vavrak. Let me say that we developed a good rivarly over the past year - our games are always exciting. It started last season in USCL with me blowing fantastic position and eventually winding up losing (Yikes!). Then, we played again in Edmonton IM tournament where I scored my third IM norm. I won a must-win game (for the norm) against him, where Peter, leading the tournament with 6.5/7 missed a phenomenal winning combination in the process. Our third (yesterday's) game was one of the most complex strategic battles I've ever been involved with, both of us played with a lot of imagination with the moves like 14.0-0-0 and 16...c4 this game deserved a much better end than 35...d4?? Well, what can you do, other than take something positive and move on. I'm sure if we play each other again either on Internet or in person, it will be another game to remember.


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